#UgBlogWeek Curated Stories from Day Five

Day Five. The weekend. A lot of people have kept blogging and we commend that. A lot of others are tired. A lot of others are joining. We’re not stoping here though, we have two more days. Kudos to those who have made it this far. For the readers, here is Day 5! Enjoy.

  1. My Wandering Journey #UgBlogWeek (Day 5): _______________________
  2. Hater with Humour The day my daughter gave me ‘the talk’.
  3. Discovery; Fulfilling my Destiny I’m running
  4. All the World’s Feels in an Itty Bitty Space The Return
  5. Pkahill Day 5: Are we Curious enough? #UgBlogWeek
  6. ayampatra Social awkwardness is now a thing?
  7. The Hopemonger My 11 Whatsapp messengers
  8. Your Average Ugandan Girl #StayWoke
  9. Uganda Gospel Life [#UGBlogWeek] Unwrapped: Singer Abaasa Describes His Journey To Rukungiri Mixtape
  10. Kadaliblog Bethany
  11. Son of Olwa Everyday, A New Campaign & Cause! (#UGBlogWeek 5/7)
  12. Daron Enock Ray Lack Of Civic Education Is Why Ugandans Can Not Stand Up For Their Rights
  13. Mwesigwa Daniel United Passions: The curious case of Uganda’s technology scene
  14. Beewol Anger
  15. Erawko Mr. Apology
  16. Simply Beautiful #UGBlogWeek: (Day 5) My Cyber C-rush
  17. Joel B Ntwatwa Fifteen from midnight
  18. Carlotess’s Blog Supernatural
  19. 25+ The Lost and the Hopeless or Means and The Ultimate End
  20. My Wandering Journey #UgBlogWeek (Day 5): Bambi, come KO to my Blog. Nawe…
  21. Whitehead Communications Conversations with rappers 4: who’s invited to the collabo?
  22. Boy Wonder UG Blog Week: Cobwebs, P.I., pleasant surprises and life
  23. In Bits of Many Stories Believe
  24. Joel Jjemba’s Blog This is Jay
  25. The Mr Kasumba HOW TO GET MARRIED AT 25; The Incomplete guide! Part 2
  26. It’s Never that Serious… #UgBlogWeek Day 5: YOU are part of the problem!
  27. The Real Uganda Leaping Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Another Guest Post
  28. Silver’s World Who is to Blame?
  29. Futures Past #UgBlogWeek – Day 5 – Not all of us can string words….
  30. Sweet Growing Pains Day Five: Someone please help me find a fitting tittle for this Story
  31. Scare-a-hero filling up a #UgBlogWeek quota
  32. Karen’s See My Life Day 5
  33. Thinking Different Hello. From the other side!
  34. It’s Never that Serious… #UgBlogWeek Day 5: YOU are part of the problem!
  35. Musings of a timid observer The deafening silences
  36. Half Way There Do You See?
  37. All the World’s Feels in an Itty Bitty Space The Return
  38. Colin Asiimwe Do You Have Friends Like These? #UgBlogWeek No. 3
  39. Rain Drops Ripped Jeans and Fringe Heels
  40. Le Stylists Pink Fridays
  41. Random Thoughts A Bicycle is not a P****


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