#UgBlogWeek Curated Stories from Day Six

The second last day of #UgBlogWeek was a Saturday. Clearly people write less on weekends because life cannot be lived fulfilling a blogging quota! 🙂 Thanks to all who were able to post today. All 23 of you. One more day but not to the end of blogging. Here are all yesterday’s blogs.

  1. The Hopemonger Boy or Man?
  2. Uganda Gospel Life [#UgBlogWeek] How it all started: The Brief Ug Gospel Life Blog Story.
  3. Surveyor Lane Breast Cancer Awareness
  4. Beautiful Life The Fight Within
  5.  Faith Mulungi Ugo Blogs Girl Power Redefined
  6. Joel B Ntwatwa Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will the Ugandan blogging community. Let’s #UgBlogWeek
  7. Colin Asiimwe Are You Leaving Something Behind? The #KoiKoiUG Story
  8. Joel Jjemba’s Blog Story Of My Saturday At Home
  9. Scribbles in June How About a Real Dictator for Our Corruption?
  10. All the World’s Feels in an Itty Bitty Space The Verbose Beggar
  11. Le Stylists Saturday Scrubs
  12. Son of Olwa Perfect People, Imperfect Perfect Lives. (#UgBlogWeek 6/7)
  13. Kadali Blog ADDICTIONS #UgBlogWeek Day 6
  14. In Bits of Many Stories A Fight
  15. Being Edna Kardashian Curse Specialists
  16. Silver’s World The Institution
  17. Karen’s Person of Mine – Day 6
  18. Sweet Growing Pains Day Six: Rambling
  19. My Wandering Journey #UgBlogWeek (Day 6) Wait…
  20. Beewol UgBlogWeek Day 6 – Sloth
  21. Impressions The Grip of “Online” #UgBlogWeek
  22. It’s Never that Serious… #UgBlogWeek Day 6: Like me… Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
  23. Futures Past #UgBlogWeek – Day 6 – We are ‘Comfortably Stupid’.
  24. Chocolaty Prints: The Naturalista : Chocolaty Naturals


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