#UgBlogWeek : Curated Stories from Day Three

Day 3! We’re glad to see more posts coming out. Unfortunately for those who asked to categorise the posts, since they’re not too many and their bloggers do not categorise, we shall have to put this off to later.

Day 3’s curation excluded posts before 21st October, 2015; and also excluded posts from news sites. However, all the posts shared are visible on TagBoard. There were 50 new posts on Day 3. Feel free to sip a cup of coffee as you enjoy them.

Happy blogging for Day 4 and a special shout out to Lubega Mark who blogged in Luganda.

  1. Discovery – Fulfilling my Destiny The Luxury that is food
  2. Feisty with a chance of sunshine Everywhere you go
  3. A Ugandan Farmer Agro Training the new cash machine that is hurting agriculture in Uganda
  4. Death of Words Emptiness of Motivation
  5.  Etemperance Uterus Punch
  6. Jemima  When I Grow Up
  7. Told in bits of many stories Bureaucracy on the positive.
  8. Two Roads Diverged The Life of an Overthinker  To Write
  9. The Hopemonger Just a Teenage Thing
  10. The Doctor’s View Fighting Death’s Sting
  11. Simply Beautiful What makes a man? Nurture or Nature?
  12. My Wandering Journey My Thank You Day
  13. Not Your Body When Old Women Shock the Hell Out of You
  14. Son of Olwa Agataliiko Nfuufu Mu Amasengejje 
  15. Florentina Aranél Why Men Love Bitches
  16. 1Key Poetry TI(N)A
  17. Uganda Gospel Life The God of Sinners The Weird God
  18. Sweet Growing Pains Day Three: The story with no title as yet.
  19. Kadali Blog My Nudity, Rhetoric
  20. Wolf and Moroko My Favourite Tinted Lip Balms
  21. Psharonah Broken Dreams
  22. Psharonah Struggle Within
  23. Psharonah Graduation
  24. The Lumpen Methodology Him, Her Rainbow
  25. My Stories to Tell Where is My Beauty?
  26. Oquidave UgBlogWeek Here’s Your Opportunity to Tell the Ugandan Narrative
  27. Carlotess’s Blog Braveheart – The Prototype
  28. Discovery; Fulfilling my Destiny A Letter to My Teenage Self
  29. Ayampatra Bovine Tales
  30. Beewol #UgBlogWeek – Day 3 – Lust
  31. Whitehead Communications Conversations with rappers 2: the misguided super fan
  32. Scare-a-hero #UgBlogWeek – customer service builds and defends brands more than talk and marketing 
  33. Lionel Mugema #UgBlogWeek What shall we name this one?
  34. Karen’s Two Men Day 3
  35. Erawko Human Cargo
  36. Joel B Ntwatwa You Could Buy Me a Soda
  37. Joel Jjemba’s Blog Marriage? Huh!?
  38. Little Feet that Wander 256 Stark Tower
  39. Hanniel Ramshackod!
  40. It’s Never that Serious #UgBlogWeek Day 3: Thorns, but where are the roses?
  41. Muganda Isaac Eladde Banange | #UgBlogWeek
  42. FabsCulture My First Cover Story
  43. Futures Past #UgBlogWeek – Day 3 – Dear Mr. I give advice on agriculture…
  44. Mustapha Barnabas Mugisa #Bujumbura, the stagnating city
  45. Le Stylists Wellness Wednesdays
  46. In Bits of Many Stories Dressed For Battle
  47. Silver’s World The Envelope
  48. Just Lubega Blogo Mu Luganda
  49. Victoria For Christ’s Blog My Damascus
  50. Musings of a Timid Observer Why Do I Still Try to Write?
  51. Pkahill #UgBlogWeek 3 : Random Thoughts


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