8 Quick Tips for a Ugandan Blogger this #UgBlogWeek

Today is #UgBlogDay and it coincides with #UgBlogWeek Day Four. I thought it would be proper to share some crucial blogging tips from my point of view, that enhance your blog’s readability.

  1. Themes:  Whether you’re using WordPress or Tumblr or Blogger, a theme impacts on your blog’s readability. High contrast themes immediately visually challenge a reader. You’re better of staying with whites and blacks; that is white backgrounds and black fonts.
  2. Formatting: A properly paragraphed blog immediately puts a reader’s mind at ease. Long blogs that have no paragraphs usually put off any reader. In addition, paragraphs reflect train of thought. If your blog is informational, think of paragraphs as a train of thought.
  3. Spellings, grammar, language: Yesterday we had a Luganda blog on the challenge. It was great seeing one of our own languages feature. That being said, a lot of blogs are written in English and to write in English, we need to play by the rules. That means proper spellings, grammar and diction matter. If you need someone to read through your work before you submit, ask someone or send me an email (I do it for free at the moment).
  4. Images: When you can use images, please do. They ease on the seriousness of words. If the image is not your own, let us know where you got it or someone might slap you with a copyright suit.

    Birds in Books by Christopher Jobson on January 14, 2012 www.thisiscolossal.com
    See what happens when there are no images?
    Birds in Books by Christopher Jobson on January 14, 2012
  5. Blockquotes: If you need something highlighted, use the blockquote. It appears as the double quote on your WordPress Dashboard. Different themes have different executions.

    Usually, the blockquote makes the post look fancy and important. Yes?

    🙂 I recommend it. Other ways of highlighting are italicising and underlining. Just make sure not to over do it.

  6. Categorisation: As a blogger, you’re a media house. So there must be some order to your work. It is not fair to leave it as uncategorised. Help the reader know what it is your particular post is talking about. My blog, for example, has five major categories; poetry, blogging, stories from society, things that are praise-worthy, and things to do with literature.
    Nice folder from www.giantbomb.com
    Nice folder from http://www.giantbomb.com

    Blogs also have tags, so if you cannot categorise, at least use some keywords (tags). These come in handy when you are being Googled (search engine optimisation) and when someone wants to find something in particular on your blog.
    In easy words, create file folders.

  7. Comments: Bloggers are not self-involved. Be a gentleman, lady, go get socks on other people’s blogs, let them know what you think of their posts. You’ll easily find your posts getting comments as well. It’s a community thing, giving begets receiving.

    Clean socks image from https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0675/0231/products/NigerianPrince.jpg?v=1418662740
  8. Don’t forget to share.

What blogging tips do you think are missing on this list? Let me know in the comment section and happy blogging.


  1. Be yowaselef. You’re not solving world hunger, just sharing thoughts. And your thoughts are as valid as anyone else’s (even when they are not as coherent 🙂 )

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  2. Socks! Ha ha I loved reading this, thank you Joel 🙂
    As a newbie on these blogger streets, celebrating 1 year 🙂 I’ve learned;
    1. Don’t be shy to put yourself out there. Find whatever makes you feel most comfortable and excited to write about and DO IT! Let your personality & passion be heard! This I feel is how you will eventually discover and share your uniqueness in your posts.
    2. Research as much as possible and don’t publish until you feel absolutely satisfied with the post.
    3. Consistency; decide how often you’d like to put out a post and stick to it so your readers know what to expect. I used to think I had to blog every single day, but that was exhausting, so I try to blog twice a week now.
    Happy blogging 🙂

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    • Great pointers Karen! It is important to have a schedule for yourself, 7 posts a week is out of the natural for many of us but being consistent on your 1 blog a week can give you the crowd you need and the time you need too.

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  3. Formatting and grammar and the most outstanding for me but also research as mentioned by Miss Karen. There’s nothing as annoying as a poorly researched blog. That said, thanx for the tips Nev

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