Many nights before Christmas

Here’s a Christmas piece I wrote some years ago. I hope it gets you into the Biblical feel of the birth of Christ.

Joel B Ntwatwa

About this time in Israel some 2008 years ago.


King Herod.

It was after a sumptuous meal; pork ribs, cassava, fries and Mountain Dew, that dear Mr Herod decided to waltz to the palace balcony to stare at the stars. Already, his protruding belly was starting to complain about the heavy load.
When he reached the steps, he felt how tiresome going up them would be. So he called Jamha, the new servant from some lands near Ethiopia to carry him. Jamha did as asked and soon Mr. Herod was enjoying the cool breeze of the night while gazing at the stars.

The steps he failed to climb were three to be exact.

The night sky was bright, illuminating the great town below: Jerusalem. Jerusalem which he had conquered, of course with the help of the Legion forces. Then, it had been ruined, turned into a pile of stoneā€¦

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