Eph 2:14  For he is our peace, who made both one, and brake down the middle wall of partition,
Symbols of division. Soldiers that enforce separation. Walls.
Walls are everywhere. The simplest to see are the ones in houses separating rooms. Then there are the walls that separate houses. Then back in the day, there were walls that separated cities. And even nations. Those are walls, the ones we see.
Then there are walls, the ones we live. Walls of education. Walls of wealth. Walls of stature. Walls of clout. Walls of society. The ones we often miss because they define us. We were born into them. Schooled in them. Married in them. They are clearly a part of us, so much so we cannot recognise.
Berlin Wall. image: bbc.co.uk
In steps this man. The wall. The distance between celestial and terrestrial. The wall but more like the curtain. He wasn’t completely shut out. When he steps in, he has no regard whatsoever for walls. He removes the first wall in himself. Considers himself lower than man and steps in to tear down the curtain.
In Him, suddenly a vastness of land without walls. Neither rich nor poor, neither male nor female, neither slave nor free, all brought to meaning in Him. In Him nothing alive except in Him. All variations and levels and shades and degrees brought to death to find One life in Him.
The one who removes the walls.
He our peace. Who stands on the ground of the cross and joins both men. Leftists, Rightists. Lowly, High. Dirty, Clean. The paid and underpaid and unpaid. He collects all in Him and removes the wall in Himself.
Ah, that we knew the walls were removed. Peace made manifest.
Peace, Christ Love.

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