Day 2 of #UgBloggers7Days

Steadily changing gears, Ugandan bloggers have not taken the blogging challenge lightly. There were 8 more entries on Day Two while there were continuing bloggers as well. Missed any of these blogs? Here’s the list of Tuesday’s entries to #UgBloggers7Days. 

Today, I have used blog titles instead of author names, please note.

Please note we are keen on new content from the 13th of October, 2014. If your blog was posted earlier and was simply shared with the hashtag and not reposted, it might not appear on this list. If you do not see your blog, please contact me via email. 


Day 2

1. Etemperance – Not So Informative Blog 
2. KarungiPtrc – My Book
3. Pru’s Notebook – Who Defines Beautiful?
4. Lovers Only Vol.2: Track 2: Sexy Cinderella – Lynden David Hall
5.Olee Branch – Relationship Goals
6. Mewart Ace – Life 101
7. David Okwii – Pick A Fight, Build A Tribe
8. Fodexpressions – Rant! Rant! Rant!
9. Told in Bits of Many Stories – Learning Never Ends
10. Carlotess’s Blog – Do You Work Out?
11. Impressions – Life in the Streets of Kampala
12. Elmer Spot On – No Idea
13. Iwantoscream – Haiku
14.Twonjex’s Blog – Twonjex The Hatter
15. Futures Past – The City of Bright Lights and Avocados.
16. Sibo – Story of my life?
17. Sanyu Means Joy – Two African Names
18. Angelo Opi-Aya Izama – Tend to your fear of Ebola not Africans
19. Gemstone – New wine, old wine-skin
20. Kahill Insights – Kaleke Kasome (Let the child have an education)
21. It’s Never That Serious – Osmosis; An English tale of woe
22. Hope Never Runs Dry – Fathers
23. Rabelah’s World – Generosity
24. Darlyne Komukama Photography – More photos from the Uganda Rift Valley Railway Yard
25. Ibrahim W.K Batambuze IV – How to Become Famous in Uganda
26. The Ruminating Sphere – A boob affair
27. Spartakussug – The 4 Stages of Mentorship: A Quick Exploration Of The Inevitable Conflict Between Mentors & Their Charges
28. An Editor’s Dream – Does Poetry Count?
29. DVDWilson66 – Why we often wake up to rubbish media programming daily!(Frustrating)
30. Mwine Edgar – FOMO
31. Joel Jjemba’s Blog – I couldn’t find a title.
32. Sherry Tums – On Unemployment
33. Scare a hero – Cue Laughter in Court
34. Roaring Thoughts – Valley of Bones – Ezekiel’s Story
35. MujuziEmmaK – Virgin Blogger
36. In Depth – Youth – How to grow and keep your lanes
37. The Black Adam – Guilty of being a feminine man! Think again
38. Random Musings – I’m not Really Nice
39. Ortegaian – Ortega on Reducing Traffic Jam

40. Ugandanchic – Men…Whatever Are We To Do With You!
41. SheME- on memories not forgotten about younger days….
42. 25+ – B is for Bubbles Bouncers Bullies and Buggers…and breasts too.
43. Daniel Mumbere- A Daily Suicide Mission



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