~Dearest Miswa~


No need to be official,
Let me italicise:
hii ni ukweli,
No need to close my eyes.

I keep my eyes open
But sometimes they’ve lied,
Often I’ve missed the pearl
Coz I saw just the shell.

Purple lilac at first glance
A surge of emotions,
You set my feet to dance
Like the waves of the ocean.

But your purity and love
Rushed over me,
And soon became
The white lilac I now see.

You’re a friend and an ear,
A shoulder for me to lean
Let me give you these words-
Goodness, may they glean.

Hii ni ukweli
My heart wants to give,
huu urafiki ni wa ukweli
These words I do give.



  1. Nev! Thank you a million times.
    Your words,your time,your constant support and encouragement and most importantly your friendship…Thank you for being my friend!


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