Sense and sensibility.

First, that is a book I have never read but whose title I have read…whatever proceeds from here forthwith may have no connection whatsoever to that said book title.

Since my life is not unusual any more; meaning, there is nothing out of the ordinary happening in my life-wait is this a fly? ! The thing has just gone under my monitor, it looks like it is inspecting …whoah!! Fly!! Get outta my face! Fly, please?! This is not your space. Psshhhh!! Little winged ….

What was I saying? Oh yes, my quotidian life. Forget the fly interrupting my peaceful morning, that is an anomaly.Anyway, I was just about to tell you that my life is steadying out, the ups and downs are fading out. Drama just got evicted. In fact, safyre is opining mbu even the Mr nice guy died, mbu he may even have died a quick and painless death; whether it is true remains to be seen…

Ah! C’mon, just when I am getting into blog zone! Errands!

I will come back.



  1. but the post was continuing…naye PH loves comments, let me wait for some more..

    I love old lit, African, English and French classics, in fact I find little appeal in these new books.

    Mr Nice guy, by the way….what happened?


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