firefox gave me a laugh!

I remember when I was learning HTML and WEB in class where they told us about those error codes that browsers relay, like code 404, 505,441 all meaning things a lay man could understand but covered up in numbers and stuff.

And then my firefox showed me this!

(click on the image for a clearer view)

I hahad….thank God for cool coders.



  1. And you were sharp enough to blur ur name outta the image….schemer schemer you…what site was that that caused the issues eh?


  2. Sleek I was just openeing firefox, ate wat site…i blurred the name out coz maybe i had hacked into Sevo's yahoo?!! hehe

    Lulu, I think your comment was for the previous post.


  3. A coder I am, but cool I'm not.
    Still, I think the industry should take to less formality, especially in error messages. The age of the Computer (capital C) is over. :o)


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