Greater sin

We all know sin is sin. And in fact we know that sometimes what we think of as small sin is an equivalent to big sin, for example anger is like murder (so if you are hot tempered, you’ve killed quite a number of people) and lust is like sex itself.

Still we like to make distinctions as humans; for what reason, I do not know.

We say murderers are the worst people yet we get angry everyday- we think we’re better off than Kony with our bad tempers. Others think that if they are masturbating and not actually picking cookies from any jar, they are better off than those out there doing it live.

Others think the guys who steal the big monies are worse than them who swindle a few hundred thousands.

Can making distinctions in sin and it’s gravity ever be of use in the quest to live a better life?



  1. i guess a thief is a thief, no matter what they steal, right??

    am not so sure i want these sinful socks 😀 but i have them


  2. Ah…the saints have spoken…

    @the emrys: and it is said you are a thief even before you steal!

    @TRP: Right. And then Jesus died for our sins!

    Can I hear an AMEN!


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