Christmas- ish feeling

I have nothing much to say today. However, I would like to thank God for again not turning His back on me. Thank you Father.

It is Christmas time. I am feeling it this time. The love of God. So I have began playing Christmas music and it is so nice. People do not wait for the day itself, play those rhymes now!! It is a season, not a day. So I have been building a ka little play list and it is nice.

Some songs from it are here:

  1. Transiberian OrchestraO come all ye faithful
  2. Bing CrosbyDo you hear what I hear?
  3. Celtic WomanCarol of the bells.
  4. Kenny GWe three Kings.

etc etc..

It’s wonderful really. I never thought a season would make me feel so good. Also it is almost my birthday so…you know. If you need my address, I can give it on you can send all those nice gifts.

Otherwise, I am loving it.

May God bless this week for all bloggers. Much love.



  1. stocks….lol…i am loving this…socks…

    hey so whats your address…i might send you something…?
    oh theother question…we you really at MACOS…? how comes i have never seen you ….


  2. I love ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’ and ‘Little Drummer Boy’. I should make up a playlist too.
    Oh, and happy birhtday, when it comes.


  3. UgGal, send me an email..i will let you know. I was really at MACOS..GOSH i was that unpopular?

    Thanks Minty! I hope I will have a happy one!


  4. Happy Christmas!
    ’tis the season to be jolly…

    Oh, and a merry birthday!
    *Blame the lame humour on the monday morning. 🙂


  5. Banange nga you love me like….!! Blushes blushes on my black face!

    Miss Cheri, I am looking forward to what will be on your blog.

    My birthday is exactly one week before the Lord’s. So do the maths.

    I am so loving the carols.


  6. I got the Plastic tree, decorated it abd did all the rest but it still does not feel like x-mass. I don’t trust the Ug postal service…upto now, I’ve not got the watch I sent myself.


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