For God ?

For God …and my country.

Really For God?

To live in the beautiful fortress of His love; to live as the Sons He created; at work, at school, in the taxi, wherever, whenever!

To shun dishonesty and embrace truth,
To reject hatred and embrace love,
To be reviled by sin and pursue righteousness,
To forget pride and exalt humility,
To know God, to love God, to accept God.

Ugandan blogsphere reminds me of hiphop, oh and a line in Kanye West’s “Jesus walks”: They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus
That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes
But if I talk about God my record won’t get played Huh?

I wonder, is there any blogger who hasn’t heard of Jesus? And since basically our nation is Christian, where is that coming out in the posts of bloggers?

I’ve seen the secular drown out the righteous; making claims to freedom and shunning the righteous. Jesus is a lesson in Social Studies, oh, you can call on him when you are in serious zibs, and make sure you do that when everything else has failed!

The blogs I read today just upset me, except of course Semakeddie’s

I need some inspirational blogging. Can someone do me that favour?

For God?



  1. socks!

    I have read some blogs wth Jesus stuff like Carlos to mention only one, am sure most Ugandan bloggers have him at heart and will blog about when the time comes.
    There is this face-book group I got an invite to join…hope you get inspired

    I was starting to think like Tandra. Are u like that?


  2. I have a zib with some of the bloggers coz of the content; it is so secularised. I have come across terrible sites (language and pics) that gene spoil a good morning for me.

    I would not mind sunshine. But maybe it’s cos I’m new in town, or a sojourner or whatever..

    I understand many have Him in their heart, I just rarely see it on this space.

    Hope I am not coming across as a bigot….


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